Accommodating nedir

We are still expecting international affiliated fair contestants to register.

Their projects will be uploaded to the list based on their fairs’ dates. We are not accepting any further individual projects.

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molecule, the central phosphorus atom is bonded to five Cl atoms, thus having 10 bonding electrons and violating the octet rule.

We understand that for many of our clients, the quality and type of accommodation is just as important as the choice of course - after all, a significant amount of time will be spent there.

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The relative energies of the different kinds of atomic orbital reveal that energy gaps become smaller as the principal energy level quantum number (n) increases, and the energetic cost of using these higher orbitals to accommodate bonding electrons becomes smaller.

My interpretation is that it simply means your planned route, or sequence of destinations: "plan of which places I am going to visit", like you said.

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