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In 1937, Crown Cork and Seal introduced their own version of a cap sealed cone top called a J-Spout.

Because of manufacturing problems with the J-Spout, the Crown Cork and Seal Company soon gave up on them and introduced a new two-piece cone top can in late 1939.

Quality and safety are of utmost importance at Acme. I gained valuable knowledge Get to know Acme’s Estimating Manager in his own words: Name: Glen Pohl Title: Estimating Manager Education: Kansas State University – B. Construction Science Management Work History: While in high school and college, I worked building houses and erecting pre-engineered buildings.

That is why we employ a full-time Quality Control and Safety Manager. Mechanical Engineering Work history: I began my construction safety career in 2004, as an assistant safety director at Acme Constructors, Inc. After graduation from KSU in 1992, I worked for Kiewit Industrial out of Omaha, NE.

Wouldnt it be great if early beer cans had a born on date like so many cans do today?

Unfortunately, they dont, so you have to look for other hints.

The name Acme spans the history of American business, and is so ubiquitous it has become the butt of every joke involving a faceless corporate entity.

We have a full-time Safety and Quality Control Manager on Staff and are an AISC Certified Erector. Construction Engineering and Management and Saint Louis University – MBA Work history: I began my career in 1993, as a project engineer at Tarlton Corporation in St. I gained valuable knowledge about the construction industry by solving problems for construction managers, general superintendents, and subcontractors.It's our plan to display our personal collection of vintage Acme products collected from around the country in this, the Acme Museum. While we get our Acmes together, we thought it fitting that we use this space to advertise the services of our varied Acme brethren from around the country. American Made Items Oil Lanterns Electric Lamps & Lanterns Rinaudo's Reproductions Stan Bitters Ceramic Lanterns Oil Lamps Lamp & Lantern Replacement Parts Replacement Wick Replacement Glass Lantern Accessories Brackets & Hangers Electric Adapters Books, CDs, and Collectables W. Kirkman Custom Items Gallery Featured Items Special Order Lamp Oil Fundraising Items Light Bulbs Catalog/Info Request Gift Ideas/Certificates 8-Day Acme Air Pilot Beacon Blizzard Buckeye Comet Crescent Crystal D-Lite Hy-Lo Junior King Fire Dept' Little Giant Little Wizard Monarch Night Watch Scout/Sport Traffic Gard Vesta Victor Wizard All Other Dietz Lanterns appraise or provide values for lanterns, nor do we know of any legitimate company that would appraise anything sight unseen.Acme Erectors employs an engineering-based approach to all steel erection projects.Our project transition from estimating to project management is formalized to ensure the highest quality start.

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