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Discover a place where secluded beaches await around every corner; where the ocean views will leave you breathless and fiery sunsets bathe the landscape in a warm glow.

The Trott family and Cambridge Beaches are one; from the founding patriarch, Sir Howard Trott and now many fourth generation Trotts at the helm.

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Directly across from the Koricancha, it is a five-minute walk from the main square and less than a mile from an array of museums, markets, and restaurants.

Both of us can attest to doing some of the "wrong" things in our early twenties and seriously cringing about it now. Weddings are weird and emotional events, and so much of what's considered "OK" to do is cultural and regional, but as Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding has written, "at its most basic form, etiquette is just about providing us enough of a common rule book that we can all be kind to each other." With that in mind, we asked friends, family, and fellow Buzz Feed staffers their ~burning questions~ about going to modern American weddings to break down the basic dos, don'ts, and GTFOs once and for all. It sucks when this happens at weddings where you won't know anyone, but it happens.*If your invitation came in an opened only to immediately discover another envelope — which is totally A Thing — the names on the inner envelope are the ones to pay attention to, per the Emily Post Institute.

Let's handle this one — arguably the mother of all wedding woes — early. You're free to bring whatever significant other, hookup, friend, roommate, or family member you want. If you're not dating anyone, but still want to have a someone to dance with (or judge people from your table with), you can bring anyone you want, unless it's, like, the Zodiac Killer. If the envelope includes your kids' names or "and family" or something of that sort, then yes.

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