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[SCRi PTMAFi A] ae Dating 4.0[WDYL-WTN] Echo Articles 2.0 RC1=bos_directory_v2[1].5005258100jancms.v1.01.[GTT]123 Flash Chat Client v3[1].0 Source 123123Page 12-all v3. - Email marketing 12-all.v3.[GTT]2300_msn_for_pay_. abc_estore_v3[1].0_nulled_by_abu3amer_abu3amer_lastnews_a B-v1.0Acc. Subscribe.1.4by.[GTT]Access Portal access_account manager beta v1.028account manager v1.0accountmanager1028aclicker-1.3actboard201active board v2.01Active Relay Chat 2.0 (WWW-IRC Gateway)active relay chat v2.0activeboardv2.01Active KB-PHP.v1.5. Designed and implemented database-driven web applications in PHP, My SQL, XML, XSLT, XHTML, Java: Content Publishing - 'Valence' (VA Layout ENgine/Content Editor) Workflow management & scheduling ('Over Seer') Oct 1999 - May 2000: 'wizard' @ "" 1006756- a Net Ware server extension which provides Desktop Database service as part of the Net Ware Client For Mac OS v.5.11 and Net Ware 4.11 releases Developed MPW tools in C and Tcl for testing Net Ware File Access and Desktop Database API's under Apple Talk and Net Ware protocols Tested and debugged Net Ware software using internally-developed tools; TMON, Macs Bug and Lanalyzer for Windows to perform packet analysis Wrote technical documentation. Tested functionality of proprietary cross-platform C code libraries. Wrote scripts in MPW and Virtual User 2.0 to install, test and debug software on an Apple Talk network Localization of After Dark 3.0/Mac to French, German and Int'l English; QA Lead on After Dark for Windows 95. '92 - June '93: Software Quality Engineer Apple Computer, Inc.client=opera&rls=en& I supervised and verified quality of sub-contractors and personally implemented all the interactive features and database design on this site including: user authentication via cookie-based session tracking database design for user-registration, profile-editing; administrative tools for site admin and database management content-publishing tools; template system customized web-based email system bulk emailer applications & newsletter subscription management online polls, surveys, quizzes, games, contests, ecards, message-boards hit-counters, link-tracking to and from partner sites packaged and documented the above tools for resale to other startups May '95 - May '96: Software Engineer Novell, Inc. Open Systems Engineering: Tested A/UX 3.0.2 software (Mac/Unix) with 3rd-party software and Apple hardware including the prototype Apple Workgroup Server (Quadra 950) on a TCP/IP Extensive customization and automation of "XCart" cart system to meet business requirements Integrated shopping cart user-interface with existing site design using HTML, CSS, PHP and template system: Smarty Implemented and designed extensions to a software license server using encrypted protocol over HTTP, similar to Solo Server System administration: maintenance and installation of server software (Linux, Apache, Samba, My SQL, PHP); improved the security of web servers, databases, filesystems and firewalls (https, iptables); user accounts (shell, ftp, email); mirroring (rsync, ntp, bash, gnu make) May, 2003: Conference Speaker, Amsterdam, Netherlands International PHP Conference Topic: "Doing Less At Run-Time: PHP Pre-Processing with XMake" Book chapter on xmake: (choose format) Microsoft Word Open Office Slides: 2002 to July, 2004: Instructor of Computer Technologies and Web Design The Aptos Academy Taught computer classes to elementary and middle school students Network & Hardware config, maintenance: approx 20 Mac, PC, Linux workstations; Pipeline 50 router config, various hubs, switches. Designed and developed 'Bug Reporter', a Macintosh application written in Symantec C , Visual Architect and Think Class Library 2.0, which provides an interface for beta testers to report bugs and automatically collects data about hardware and software environments on the test platform.Webmaster: designed a web authoring process with minimimal need for a webmaster; easily manageable by non-technical staff 2001 to present: Software Designer / Programmer XMake: e Xtended Make Environment XMake enhances Gnu Make for better delivery of web applications: auto-detection of source files auto-detection of PHP source file and output dependencies auto-generation of makefiles and build rules SINGLE makefile design avoids pitfalls of recursive make custom 'Extensions' support any source - output file mapping (PHP, XML, etc.) 'Hotglu' Content Management System (CMS): automates building of web and other applications, project management template system separates logic and content from presentation regular expression based template parsing supports traditional WYSIWYG editing: better workflow management than with XML, XSLT based systems XML data layer links template parameters with data and command pipes Business logic implemented via extensible, object-oriented plug-in interface to integrate functionality from multiple languages and protocols minimal system requirements: XMake, Gnu Make, PHP, Bash, sed, libxml2 1996 to present: Programmer-Consultant, System Administrator Computer and network installations, hardware config, troubleshooting Development & Admin Tools: Web Applications & Site Hosting: Estate Listings: SQL Database Interface to Census Dept Data Online Instruction: Filemaker Pro and Apple Script Programming: In Touch Utilities: and templates for converting Macintosh "In Touch" database to Filemaker Pro or other relational database. databases and scripting May 2000 - Oct 2000: Web Engineering Consultant VA Linux, Inc. Wrote After Dark screen-saver modules for Mac and Windows, using Symantec C (Mac) and Borland C (Windows) compilers.

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