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There are also numerous other languages spoken in the country (Baluchi, Pashai, Nuristani, etc.), and bilingualism is very common.The best topic to discuss is asking Afghans about their lives, taking care to not raise any expectations unnecessarily.

Recently, Afghan Americans tuned in to see the Instagram famous Afghan girl, Durrani Popal, an employee of DASH, the infamous clothing store owned by the Kardashian sisters.

On the eve of her forced wedding, Halima escaped with her boyfriend only to be tracked down days later and shot dead in a public execution.

The case led to a 17-year prison sentence against a local mullah seen in a video ordering Halima's execution.

Remember this is only a very basic level introduction and is not meant to stereotype all Afghanis you may meet!

Pashtu and Dari (Afghan Persian/Farsi) are the official languages of Afghanistan.

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