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At least one estimate hypothesizes that he has killed as many as 130 people.

Alcala’s parents were Raoul Alcala Buquor and Anna Maria Gutierrez. A military psychiatrist diagnosed him as having antisocial personality disorder, and Alcala was given a medical discharge.

A convicted serial killer now awaiting sentencing once did time as Bachelor No. Rodney Alcala, 66, who in February was found guilty of the murders of four women and a child in the late 1970s, appeared on the lighthearted game show in 1978 -- and won. Definitely creepy," fellow contestant Jed Mills, who sat next to Alcala on the show, told CNN.

"And he was very obnoxious and creepy -- he became very unlikable and rude and imposing as though he was trying to intimidate."I wound up not only not liking this guy ... He is now representing himself during the penalty phase of his trial in Santa Ana, Calif.

Sandusky was repeatedly accused of sexual misdemeanours, yet the complaints were dismissed as misunderstandings — as just “Jerry being Jerry.” That some molesters can be so open and get away with it says something chilling about the way our children are protected by public institutions.

To quote Gladwell, “When monsters roam free, we assume that people in positions of authority ought to be able to catch them if only they did their jobs.

"If there is a hell, I hope Rodney Alcala burns eternally," she told the court.

"I wish he would experience the terror that he put his victims through." The crimes took place between November 1977 and June 1979, and covered a wide swath of suburban Los Angeles, California, from Burbank to El Segundo, authorities said.

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