Are noel fielding and paloma faith dating

“I made this the other day,” says Fielding, in those breezily honeyed tones of his. “If Lionel Messi wore Kiss make-up, that’s what he’d look like,” Fielding says firmly, roaring with laughter.

More recently however, Paloma has filmed a guest appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks - and she revealed that Noel Fielding was chasing her for a date.

If people don’t want to go with that it can be quite difficult. It was like a red rag to a bull – Amstell made ten jokes about it.

Who have been your favourite guests on Never Mind The Buzzcocks? You can’t make demands on what comedians can and can’t say. When I tried to introduce myself, she was a bit sniffy. I asked if that was before or after the Spice Girls and she became absolutely furious. At the moment, it’s a girls’ black fur coat from French Connection. When you’re struggling you never get anything but once you can afford it, you get free stuff. For everyone who comes up and says they like your stuff, someone calls you a t***. Occasionally it affects my family or friends, which is a bit bad.

He just went, 'This is what I’m wearing: what are you going to do about it!?

’ It’d be amazing, really frightening.” The chances of Argentina’s star footballer ever representing his great nation while slathered in Estée Lauder are, admittedly, slim.

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