Article on teacher and student dating issues

Positive teacher-student relationships draw students into the process of learning and promote their desire to learn (assuming that the content material of the class is engaging, age-appropriate and well matched to the student's skills). High quality academic instruction is designed to be appropriate to students' educational levels.

The quick exercise I’ve developed encourages students to move beyond simplistic notions.

Here are some concrete examples of closeness between a teacher and a student: Positive teacher-student relationships — evidenced by teachers' reports of low conflict, a high degree of closeness and support, and little dependency — have been shown to support students' adjustment to school, contribute to their social skills, promote academic performance and foster students' resiliency in academic performance (Battistich, Schaps, & Wilson, 2004; Birch & Ladd, 1997; Curby, Rimm-Kaufman, & Ponitz, 2009; Ewing & Taylor, 2009; Hamre & Pianta, 2001; Rudasill, Reio, Stipanovic, & Taylor, 2010).

After falling head over heels for my 22 year old English teacher at the end of my sophomore year in high school, the idea that he might like me back seemed crazy.

Solely improving students' relationships with their teachers will not produce gains in achievement.

However, those students who have close, positive and supportive relationships with their teachers will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with more conflict in their relationships.

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