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Sweeping corporate layoffs are common and job security means keeping your resume up to date to woo your next potential employer.In short, Western society has placed diminishing value on investing time and effort into people or things.

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a mate who cherishes the notion of “living happily ever after” in a world that places emphasis on routinely upgrading to the latest. Here are signs he isn’t going to pop the question: You’re Not his Prized Possession These days everyone’s out busy accumulating things: careers, homes, memories of traveling the world: things you place value on.CHAPTER 2 | Overqualified for Love Imagine, as newspapers and magazines recently have, the “plight of the high-status woman.” She is a well-educated young woman in her 30s, earns a good salary, and has a great social life — but she is single and is worried that her success might be the reason she has not met a man to marry.Any hint of bad news about the successful or talented has always made headlines, but media pessimism about the happiness and life balance of millions of young, career-oriented women has struck a chord nationwide.“I’ve been told by well-meaning relatives: ‘Don’t talk about work on a date, dumb it down, and it’s bad to earn so much money because guys will be scared of you.’ And I got the word ‘intimidating’ a lot,” said Alexis, a 35-year-old lawyer in San Francisco. Nearly half of single women believe their professional success is intimidating to the men they meet.Put another way, many high-achieving women think their success is not helping them find love.

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