Baby mama dating

Khloe Kardashian is looking like the cat that got the cream at the moment and that might have something to do with her the new man she's smitten with.

The reality star hasn't been seen out without her new beau over the last few weeks or so, and she's pulling out all the stops in the fashion stakes too, and looking better than ever!

If you have no children of your own, you could feel isolated in your interactions between him, his children and his ex.

While this may not be a perfect or ideal situation or you never thought you’d find yourself in this type of relationship, there are ways to make it work, even if there’s conflict involved.

If you want the drama to be kept to a minimum, even if the baby’s mama hates you, here are some things to try to keep your relationship strong and your sanity in tact.

It was a real story; she was a doctor, married and had a life before the incident.

I never met her , yet I had to portray her appropriately.

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