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, I had mentioned the social network Blackbook, which was a lot like the “Facebook of Tor.” Nevertheless, the last I checked, Blackbook had been shut down (permanently).

To be honest, although I had made some friends there, I wasn’t attached to the site itself; there are quite a few other social networks.

The wedges were perfect, as I needed extra height to wear a long jumpsuit, and they were also easy to walk in!

What is your favorite pair of shoes you've worn for a role, and why?

So from the very beginning we see how the film shows people as a mix of good and evil. Akkermans doesn't like this development but the pragmatic Kuibers is willing to use whatever tool he can to get information from the Germans.

Rachel must flee the area though after an American bomber accidentally destroys the home and responding Nazi firefighters and police become aware that there were more people living in the farmhouse than officially reported. Rachel has concealed herself and can only watch silently in horror as the SS men efficiently kill survivors and despoil her parents' and brother's bodies.). Akkermans is very interested in getting to know Rachel in the Biblical way. Some bad luck during a smuggling operation on a train causes Rachel (). Rachel spends more time with Muntze, not just doing the obvious, but also working for him as a secretary.

Rachel visits a lawyer named Smaal () is waiting for all the fugitive Jews, including Rachel and her family. The cultured and well read Muntze is more handsome than Akkermans. He has only his stamps and books to keep him company. Rachel learns that the odious Franken works for Muntze, and that the two men most definitely do not like each other.

Strangely enough, the site now directs visitors to a site called Torbay, which a lot like an Ebay-style marketplace (and it is partially that, but it’s also a plain old forum).There are a number of thoughts which I had after re-watching this 2007 Dutch drama film set in the waning days of World War 2. Actually often she wasn't wearing anything in this film. Their opposition primarily consists of snarky tweets, strongly worded opinion pieces, hats shaped like female genitalia, sucker punching Trump voters and an occasional march or two.The first is that the lead actress Carice Van Houten, just like her character Melisandre in HBO's Game of Thrones, seemingly hasn't aged at all over the past decade. The second thought is that if real life were a story, after the unpleasant experience of being invaded, defeated, occupied and subjugated you would think that the Western European democracies would have realized that violence, racism and colonialism were wrong. Freed from Nazi threat or rule, the post war European democracies almost immediately all fought vicious, bloody and ultimately pointless wars attempting to maintain white control over non-white nations in Africa and Asia. And the last major issue which crossed my mind after viewing this film is that both loneliness and love make for some very strange bedfellows sometimes. What would the Resistance look like once people started getting shot?Some of the very same people depicted here leading the Dutch underground against the Germans wound up in Indonesia doing the same thing or worse to Indonesians that the Germans did to the Dutch. Even the worst of us usually still need human contact. Death has a tendency to reveal just who is real and just who is faking the funk by calling themselves the Resistance. They may be willing to negotiate or recognize their victim's humanity.There's no shame in recognizing that in facing real oppression, most people will go along to get along. Where is the line between doing what you had to do to survive and becoming an active collaborator? Here, as also depicted in the film Malena, many women who willingly slept with German soldiers had to pay an awful price once their own countrymen were back in charge. Black Book delves into that last thought with some uncomfortable relish.

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