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Our workouts are designed to tone your entire body while honing your boxing skills in the ring.

Our classes fuse cardio training with boxing techniques that can be taken at any level of skill and/or fitness.

Harkening back to boxing’s glory days, legends Marv Albert and Sugar Ray Leonard will helm NBC’s Saturday night broadcast from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on March 7, in fights that pit Keith Thurman against Robert Guerrero and Adrien Broner against John Molina, Jr.

NBC’s producers have recruited Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer to do the theme music.

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One major contributing factor to the propagation of this culture of haphazard weight-cutting is that it is continually reinforced by virtue of its relative ease and its superficial utility.

Unlike HBO and Showtime, which pay millions for their top fights, NBC will not pay a rights fee to air the fights.

Instead, Haymon Boxing, a management company backed by big investment firms, has purchased the time on the networks for a reported million a year, with millions more being spent on marketing and promotion.

Fasting and dehydrating one’s body to the point of desiccation allow fighters to get down to their contracted weight.

What’s more, fighters often get away with it for years, which only serves to reinforce the behaviour.

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