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Worcester Cathedral, before the English Reformation known as Worcester Priory, is an Anglican cathedral in Worcester, England; situated on a bank overlooking the River Severn. Its official name is The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin of Worcester.Built between 10, Worcester Cathedral represents every style of English architecture from Norman to Perpendicular Gothic.The first priory was built in this period, but nothing now remains of it.The crypt of the present-day cathedral dates from the 10th century and the time of St Oswald, Bishop of Worcester.

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It is famous for its Norman crypt and unique chapter house, its unusual Transitional Gothic bays, its fine woodwork and its "exquisite" central tower, The cathedral's west facade appeared, with a portrait of Sir Edward Elgar, on the reverse of £20 note issued by the Bank of England between 19, remaining in circulation as legal tender until 30 June 2010.

What is now the Cathedral was founded in 680 as a Priory, with Bishop Bosel at its head.

Morningside started off as a rural area with small dairy and tobacco farms before becoming a popular residential area in the post-war boom.

Until 13 April 1969 electric trams skirted the western edge of the suburb, operating along Wynnum Road and Riding Road.

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