Case verification and updating tools

If you are unable to resolve your technical issue through online support, report the problem to Cadence Customer Support using an online support Case Submission Form.

may require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.

In the "Start Recording" dialog: Parametize hard-coded URLs, user id, passwords, and other variable data by inserting in its place a new parameter such as a Date/Time stamp and entire files obtained dynamically so that the script can dynamically replace parameters to simulate use of different data during a run.

Add statements to capture data in one screen for use in another command.

Please provide the following information: Product information Description of the problem As you enter information regarding your case, Cadence Online Support displays potential solutions that address your issue Case severity is based on the following criteria: You can view the progress of your case resolution on Cadence Online Support by clicking the "View Requests" link.

You can also update your case on Cadence Online Support at any time.

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