Catholic girl dating muslim guy

Estimating the number of people in mixed-faith marriages is difficult.

How wrong was I about 3 days ago where he has insisted that the kids have to be muslim and that is his religion and he is not willing to compromise on that.The document, called When Two Faiths Meet, is the product of months of painstaking negotiations between Christian and Muslim leaders and emphasises the need for tolerance and acceptance of mixed-faith marriages.Among the recommendations are speaking out against forced conversions, recognising the legality of inter-faith marriages in British law, non-judgemental pastoral care and a complete rejection of any violence."It might sound a little like we are stating the obvious but it does need to be said," Sheikh Ibrahim told The Independent.I know how very involved I need to be as a Mother, I am also concerned about the extreme rules and pressure from the wider community. I am catholic but i am very liberal and like my kids to be liberal too, I dont want the girls to cover their heads and bodies (neither do i want them to walk about in too revealing clothes) but also to believe there is one God. If you both are not practicing your own faith and willing to explain your scriptures in today’s practical pluralistic sense, yes, interfaith marriage is possible.I am catholic and have muslim boyfriend we talk about getting married but I want to get married in catholic church, he is willing to do this but does he have to get baptized cause that he isn't willing to do.

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