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Integrated Transport A team of young innovators from Cornell University and Dartmouth College designed an app called “Walk Safe,” which can track vehicles’ relative speeds at crosswalks and indicate if it is safe to cross.

The app is designed to identify oncoming traffic while the user is using the phone.

In Chinese society, the task of caring for the children often falls to the grandparents, particularly the grandmother.

Especially in today’s economic climate in which two-income households are fast becoming the norm as a direct result of the ever increasing cost of living in China, many Chinese mothers need all the help they can get from their own mothers and/or their mothers-in-law with regards to looking after their children.

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Leizu, totally fascinated by the strands, gathered together her ladies in waiting to formulate a technique of weaving the strands together to make a cloth.

Of course, his mother-in-law most probably has good intentions and just wants to be helpful; she most likely sincerely believes that the kitchen is not a place for a man and does not really mean to upset her foreign son-in-law.

Another important aspect of family life that a foreign man who is married to a Chinese woman may feel frustrated with is child rearing.

Sericulture remained a woman only science in China for thousands of years.

Silk went on to become one of China’s biggest exports with cloths found all over the world.

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