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“I was interested in Chinese sex workers’ story, their life and rights,” she recalled.

“So I contacted Ye Haiyan”, also known as Hooligan Sparrow.

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Having conquered the major event for independent cinema as China cracks down on human rights, director Nanfu Wang is aiming to show this was not the film she had imagined when she started the project.For the first few years of Chinese immigration, there was no fixed system for repatriating the dead. So did families and associates, perhaps often fellow members of secret societies.With a decade or two, however, the process had become systematized.Chief Wu's name tops the list of donors to the temple displayed in the entrance. He has done well, and in Wenzhou that is what counts.He is the wealthiest Wu they know in Yongqiang, a satellite town of Wenzhou, a city 365km (227 miles) south of Shanghai famed for its embrace of raw capitalism. In the clan register they proudly point not only to Chief Wu's name, but also to those of his three sons who help him control much of China's burgeoning production, domestic sales and exports of “items for adult use”.

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    François Damiens a commencé sa carrière en créant des caméras cachées pour les compagnies aériennes.