College dating guide

"For decades, freshmen have faced challenges like homesickness and hellish roommates, but things have changed," says Jennifer Wider, MD, author of The Doctor's Complete College Girl's Health Guide.

Just ask Megan (not her real name), a 19-year-old college student in New York who logged on to Juicy Campus (a nasty Website that currently allows students at 63 colleges and universities to post anonymous messages about their classmates) and saw she was being called a slut who "loves cock" and "has a big butt." "I was shocked and mortified to read these things," Megan says.

Local colleges can provide a lot of benefits for online students: reputation with local employers, tuition discounts, and a physical location where students can talk to college representatives in person.

We provide tuition, recommendation rate, and a list of campus locations for all online colleges by state.

We ask online students if they were satisfied with their degrees, if their career prospects have been improved by their studies, and what advice they would give to future students.Our current accreditation status is: Approval (without reporting requirements): An accreditation classification granted to an educational program indicating that the program achieves or exceeds the basic requirements for accreditation.This is considered the highest designation of accreditation.National and Regional Board Examinations Graduates from this program are eligible to take the National Dental Hygiene Board (NDHBE) examination and the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments (CDCA) examination.These exams are required by states for licensing to practice as a dental hygienist.

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