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Debt consolidation isn't a process reserved exclusively for students, many Americans with debt problems consolidate their debts ever year. The process requires you to take out an additional loan at a lower interest rate, and then pay off your remaining loans with this capital.

Learn more about consolidating Federal and Private Student Loans. See Your Options. However, a federal consolidation is a logistical move - it will not lower your loan's interest rate or save you money.

Student loan consolidation or refinancing can help reduce your payments. You may even be able to get a lower interest rate when you refinance your student loans. Why should you refinance or consolidate your student loans?

Consolidating loans involves applying for an "umbrella" loan amount with a low interest rate that is used to repay the existing loans. One important tip: Private and federal student loans cannot be consolidated together. Federal loans have low interest rates with more benefits in consolidation...

Low interest rate student loan consolidation is when a company takes 2 or more student loans that an individual may have acquired and combines them into one lump sum with a single payment at a lower interest rate.

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Consolidating student loans can lower your interest rate, extend your repayment term and simplify your financial It is easier to lower the interest rate on private student loans because federal loans calculate the consolidation interest rate based on the existing rates of the loans you consolidate.

Why Might I Consolidate? The main reasons to consider student loan consolidation are: Potential for lower monthly payments. Fixed interest rate. Only write one check for various loans. Potentially flexible payments during hard times.
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