Dating a medical student long distance

I especially enjoyed hearing things from a man's perspective (thank you for that! And thank you to each and every one of you who has dared to post and share your experience. Sometimes I would come home from work, pull into my garage, and just sit there and cry.

I am sure that your words were not only inspiring for me, but for other readers as well. Although I posted "The Epic Conclusion" about five months ago, the break-up happened almost a year ago. Not in mourning for the man I was no longer with, but in mourning for the life I had envisioned for us together that was no longer to be.

The kicker is that I know she is interested in this specialty for reasons outside of love for it.

I won’t detail them all but family pressure, a big chip on her shoulder, and financial reasons are all at play.

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I was mentally prepared to leave my home and follow my husband wherever he had to do his rotations.

She made the choice to pursue her dreams through school and I choose to pursue mine through a career and life at home and it’s worked out as planned so far.

But there’s always been a knowledge that we would end up here together.

There definitely have been difficult or frustrating times, but Irene and I love each other, trust each other, and work hard in keeping each other happy, even when we are both busy in school, and across the ocean from each other.

We accept that there will be challenges, but we both know we are building a greater future together and that a few years of being apart is nothing compared to a lifetime together afterwards.

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