Dating before annulment

A legal separation case is similar to a dissolution of marriage or dissolution of a domestic partnership in terms of the range of issues that are resolved in the case, except that the parties remain married or registered to each other.

For legal separation or nullity cases, one or both spouses/partners need only be a resident of this county of residency requirement for these types of marital actions.

These must have applied at the time you and your spouse married or you and your partner registered: prior existing marriage or prior existing domestic partnership means a spouse married or a partner registered on the mistaken belief that his or her previous marriage or partnership had ended in the death of the other spouse or partner, who in fact was still living.

A dissolution action may be started in Sacramento County if one or both spouses/partners have resided in this county for at least the last 3 months and in the state of California for at least 6 months.

For a marriage to be voided via an annulment, a District Court Judge must issue a court order.

An annulment changes a person’s status such that it is as if that person were never married.

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