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Sometimes you get much more than you ask for, and other times, much, much less. (Sorry, but it’s our party, and we only invite decent human beings.) But more specifically, if your submission denigrates women, sexualities, people of color, or the downtrodden, your submission will be rejected. It doesn’t have to be Dostoyevsky, or have perfect grammar, but make it readable.

And on some occasions you get something you never, ever expected! That goes for businesses, too.• NO HATE TALK ALLOWED. (Yep, even if it’s just a little bit.)• YOUR SUBMISSION CAN’T GO OVER 300 WORDS. One or two sentence confessions will be rejected unless they’re super funny.• NO BUTTHOLE COMMENTERS.

Only by accident did I realize what a terrific site this is.

I am very impressed and I thank you for such an incredible resource."—John "I used poz personals for about 3 years and finally found someone. Keep the faith."—Jessica via Facebook "Just want to say that your site is the best of all the personals sites that I've been on.

Whether you are surveying new painting collections at the famed Portland Art Museum, catching a Trailblazers game at the Moda Center, or walking through the secluded Grotto Gardens, Portland provides the potential to experience an undeniably romantic evening with your sugar daddy or sugar baby.

(Be patient, especially if you’re writing at two in the morning.) THAT'S IT! You know you've got a great dating story (one that went good, bad, or very weird) so share it with all of us right here at the Portland Dating Dispatch!

I've been a POZ Personals member for a few years now, and this past December finally met a really special guy. And it wouldn't have happened without your website. Perhaps we would have never crossed paths without this infection.

I continue to appreciate the POZ News Desk articles, but am especially grateful that you gave me the opportunity to meet the love of my life. We may hear wedding bells in the near future."—Tonya "Thanks to POZ, finally found my soulmate.....

If you desire something a bit more active, listening to music at the upscale Crystal Ballroom presents the chance to dance and laugh the night away.

Regardless of what you choose to do for the evening, the potential for love to blossom is there in this wonderfully poetic city. Hollywood popularized the concept in films such as "How to Marry A Millionaire" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds." Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential sugar baby but the thing to remember is that this is the Hollywood.

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