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The two injured are guards from the Assam Tea Plantation Security Force.

Senior district police officials have reached the spot and are investigating the matter.

Issuing a message, Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has extended the heartfelt condolences of all Sri Lankans to those bereaved by these attacks and expressed the hope that the challenge posed by the terrorists will be met with resolve.

The Minister also underscored the SAARC stand that terrorism is a major threat to all civilized societies and to democracy, and its determination to combat the menace with greater resolve.

We, Sri Lankans extend our heartfelt condolences to those bereaved by the blasts, while wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

We are confident that the challenge posed by the terrorists through these blasts will be met with resolve and that the law enforcement authorities will soon bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Assam chief secretary had to write a letter to the home and the defence ministries.

The full text of the Foreign Minister's message is as follows: "It is with great distress that we in Sri Lanka have learnt of the bomb blasts on 30th October in several locations of the Indian State of Assam that have, according to media reports resulted in the deaths of 62 persons and injuries to over 300.

The terrorist perpetrators of these blasts have designed them in the most cowardly and cruelest possible manner, by targeting innocent civilians in a serial sequence.

About 100,000 people were forced to take shelter on higher ground, officials there said.

The rain has also swelled the Brahmaputra river, which flows into Bangladesh, to dangerous levels.

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