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What's the antidote to rounding home base multiple times in a single night? Anyway, later, the rest of us laughed about that candid lady. Isn't it funny to have a stranger confessing something like that in public?

People in Boston are so much friendlier than they are in New York.

” It may be because of the words you’re using, a new analysis from dating site Plenty Of Fish reveals.

In the study, a team of Ph D scientists analyzed the words used by the 1.2 million profiles on Plenty Of Fish.

I was reading up on the latest dating slang over at Smitten, and it reminded me of something I heard this weekend in Boston.

On Saturday morning, a group of us went to eat at this greasy diner.

) or is TMZ doing the man a solid (because the man side is the best side for TMZ) by not revealing any details. Without the comma what we’re reading here is that Ben is, actually, dating but…

As you can see from the infographic, there's a lot of variation there, with a few fun little surprises thrown in. Other notable favorites include Connecticut's "casino," New York's "museum," and Florida's "Disney."Other dating sites have started to employ strategies in an effort to move past these general, state-by-state similarities and look at individual ones.

Oregon's love of "kayaking," Colorado's obsession with "snowboarding," and Texas' interest in "oil" could maybe be predicted. For instance, My Show Mate uses your favorite TV shows to find a match, and Willow capitalizes on user-generated questions to help you find someone to share those things that make you two unique.

Online-dating profiles tend to look very similar after enough time.

But, a collaboration between Mashable and is highlighting some distinctive words we might be overlooking.

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