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The price of Calrose paddy increased sharply amid uncertainty surrounding planted area for the 2017/18 crop and as trade became illiquid, with farmers concentrating on planting their crops. The domestic price of Thai Hom Mali increased by THB 90 per 100kg (US .37 PMT) during our assessment period this month as supplies tightened following a large volume sale to Iran. Our aim is to provide accurate information and robust price assessments, which assist market participants in making sound business and trading decisions, whilst enabling the world’s rice markets to operate with greater transparency and efficiency.

If you are taking a linear or full-year program, you can enter a mid-year mark, as long as it reflects at least 50% of the course content.

To build confidence in the rice price assessment process, we aim to make our price assessments and methodology as transparent and robust as possible.

Transparency enables rice market participants to identify the true market value of a given rice variety and understand the market forces behind price movements.

If there is a discrepancy between your final, official transcripts and your self-recorded grades, your admission offer could be revoked.

Canadian high school courses On the application form, manually enter all your final Grade 11 and (if available) Grade 12 courses and marks.

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