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Wouldn’t it be fun to give and receive a Date In a Jar?

These jars can be gifts for men or women, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. For the outside decoration, I made a vintage felt ice skate.

"This card is simple and to the point, just the way we want it.

Although the corner of the save the date column looks a bit funny, we still like the simplistic style to this card.

It is already hard to decide on what's our favorite photo to put on a save the date card, having to pick a photo that fit the design just adds another layer of complication." "I was really nervous about using Shutterfly for the save-the-dates for mine and Darik's October wedding, until my friend sent me a save-the-date for her wedding also made by Shutterfly.

I spent some time playing around with the layouts of several "favorited" templates, which I highly recommend especially if you're planning to have photos on your cards.

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