Elucidating the genetic code

For example, in humans, protein synthesis in mitochondria relies on a genetic code that varies from the canonical code.

The genome of an organism is inscribed in DNA, or in some viruses RNA.

The nucleotides are abbreviated with the letters A, U, G and C. The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded within genetic material (DNA or m RNA sequences) is translated into proteins by living cells.

Translation is accomplished by the ribosome, which links amino acids in an order specified by m RNA, using transfer RNA (t RNA) molecules to carry amino acids and to read the m RNA three nucleotides at a time.

The pyrimidine bases cytosine (C) and thymine (T) are smaller and consist of only one aromatic ring.

In the double-helix configuration, two strands of DNA are joined to each other by hydrogen bonds in an arrangement known as base pairing.

Specifically, the code defines a mapping between tri-nucleotide sequences called codons and amino acids; every triplet of nucleotides in a nucleic acid sequence specifies a single amino acid.

Because the vast majority of genes are encoded with exactly the same code, this particular code is often referred to as the canonical or standard genetic code, or simply the genetic code, though in fact there are many variant codes; thus, the canonical genetic code is not universal.

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The vast majority of genes are encoded with a single scheme (see the RNA codon table).

While there have been many breakthroughs throughout history in these subjects, the progress has been at times, slow.

Advancing technologies have made studying biological phenomena easier as time progresses.

The bases at the top and bottom corners are on the same strand and consist of one base from the adjacent base pairs immediately above and below the complementary pair.

Different combinations of top and bottom bases with the left and right complementary pairs would give a total of 20 cavity variations, each being specific for the insertion of one of the 20 amino acids used as building blocks for proteins.

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