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Join Matt Mc Garva, Product Manager, Engineering Village, as he demonstrates how to refine your searches using numeric data – e.g., rate of a data transfer, thermal properties of a material, size of microchip components —across both Compendex and Inspec databases on Engineering Village!

Speed up your searches and open up new lines of investigation quickly and easily. Click here to register for the Webinar Elsevier’s ground-breaking Gender Research Report, with data related specifically to women in engineering will be available in March.

In the last year, I had my debit card replaced three times due to potential compromise and had to change my password on numerous accounts after several major breaches were reported that put millions of email addresses and passwords at risk.The functional areas of application include entrepreneurship, finance, information, marketing, organizational behavior, policy, production, and strategy. Startups operate with continual speed and urgency 24/7. Hacking for Diplomacy: Tackling Foreign Policy Challenges with the Lean Launchpad. At a time of significant global uncertainty, diplomats are grappling with transnational and cross-cutting challenges that defy easy solution including: the continued pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by states and non-state groups, the outbreak of internal conflict across the Middle East and in parts of Africa, the most significant flow of refugees since World War II, and a changing climate that is beginning to have impacts on both developed and developing countries. Topics: efficacy and ethics; use rights for property; contracts and torts; spontaneous order and free markets; crime and punishment based on restitution; guardian-ward theory for dealing with incompetents; the effects of state action-hypothesis of reverse results; applications to help the needy, armed intervention, victimless crimes, and environmental protection; transition strategies to a voluntary society. Fundamental Concepts in Management Science and Engineering. Each course session will be devoted to a specific MS&E Ph D research area. Variants of the simplex method and the state of art interior-point algorithms. Elements of convex analysis, first- and second-order optimality conditions, sensitivity and duality. Topic chosen in first class; different topics for individuals or groups possible. Close associations with other engineering departments and with industry enrich the programs by providing opportunities to apply MS&E methods to important problems and by motivating new theoretical developments from practical experience. This practice-based experiential lab course is geared toward MS&E masters students. Primarily for master's students; also open to undergraduates and doctoral students. The interaction of technology and national security policy from the perspective of history to implications for the new security imperative, homeland defense. Over the last few years they¿ve learned how to be not only fast, but extremely efficient with resources and time using lean startup methodologies. While the traditional tools of statecraft remain relevant, policymakers are looking to harness the power of new technologies to rethink how the U. government approaches and responds to these and other long-standing challenges. Advanced students will make presentations designed for first-year doctoral students regardless of area. Sensitivity analyses, economic interpretations, and primal-dual methods. Algorithms for unconstrained optimization, and linearly and nonlinearly constrained problems. I lasted a week in my latest online stint (I received 120 emails in my first 12 hours, with an average of 50 – 60 new emails each day thereafter).It is like having another full-time job, and frankly one I have no passion for these days.

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