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This section will help you see where the potential for conflict exists between personality types and help you manage it.Meaning, harmony and personal values are at the heart of the INFP.This can make them intellectually promiscuous, enjoying one new experience after another, and failing to follow through on their great ideas as they look for bigger and more novel experiences.Two extraverts will both get energized by being around people. Too much extraversion between people can lead to a lack of downtime and reflection, however. The ENTP gets energized by people and possibilities.

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An INFP is unlikely to take any action which they don’t believe in their heart is right.

Curious, communicative with a need to challenge, ENTPs love the intellectual debate, are spontaneous, and assertive.

They have a unique view of the world, and bring a fresh perspective.

While these two types may struggle, they may also balance each other out by being able to get things done and also foresee future issues.

The ENTP type prefers intuition to sensing (Using Extraverted Intuition).

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