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Now, let’s be clear here: it is great to speak to people on public transport.I often do it - a nice chat on the bus with the old man who lives round the corner, or a discussion about something that’s occurring on said bus, say perhaps when it’s all kicking off and everyone is having a good laugh about the situation.They blurt sounds and laugh to each other in an exchange that gets increasingly animated as the call goes on.Meanwhile their parents, thought to be from the USA, laugh at the duo's adorable antics. One said: 'Wonder what the babies were talking about?When one of the women settled into her seat she inadvertently put her hand on a young man's knee. Unlike everyone else in the carriage, I smiled too. But because I felt heartened that historically buttoned-up London commuters were no longer stiffing complete strangers. And it was only when the women started to speak that I realised the reason for their unreconstructed jollity. Not for them the unspoken imperative of the non-communication line.All she could do was offer a helpless smile of apology for her indiscretion. These women pulsed with the natural warmth and friendliness which hallmarks the Northern psyche.

One of the infants sits on a sofa next to her mother while the other is seen on the mobile phone screen wearing a blue bib.Goldberg himself has redefined IAD as a "pathological Internet use disorder" (also known as PIU) to avoid what he started as a joke to be thought of as an officially diagnosed addiction, such as an addiction to heroin.Goldberg mentioned that to receive medical attention or support for every behavior by putting it in to psychiatric nomenclature is ridiculous.A new wave of nervous commuters will now arise, worried that they’re going to burn in social hell if they aren’t open for a chat with person next to them wearing an unnaturally wide grin for the morning and sporting a 'Tube Chat?' badge There is nothing I enjoy more on my morning commute than listening to my music, reading a book, or perusing a newspaper.

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