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“Combined, we will truly be a great resource for the startup community.” There will undoubtedly be some shake-ups for both companies, as the New York based acquirer and the San Francisco-based acquiree find ways of working more closely together.“Engineering and related staff are staying on, as will our city ambassadors,” says Jessica Alter, founder and CEO of Founder Dating, outlining the plans for the future.Until very recently, there were two companies to help you along: Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating.Until the former acquired the latter, that is, continuing Co Founders Lab’s modus operandi of acquiring its competitors Both sites were successful in their own right and today, the two communities start the merging process that will help the Founder Dating customers integrate into the the Co Founders Lab platform over the next few months, trebling the size of Co Founders Lab’s current user base.A popular website that helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and advisers just inked a deal of its own.San Francisco-based Founder Dating has agreed to be sold to New York-based startup investment platform Onevest for an undisclosed amount, the companies announced today.

“We’re the people network for entrepreneurs.” Initially, she focused on connecting potential co-founders.But Jessica Alter, Founder Dating’s CEO, said that finding the right advisors is often difficult.How do you know where to find people with ultra-specific domain expertise?“I will be staying on as an advisor to the company.” The most recent purchase continues the company’s aggressive strategy to buy out its competitors to further solidify its place in the market.In 2012, Co Founders Lab bought out Tech Co and Founder and, in 2014, the company snatched up Bizpora, a networking site aimed at entrepreneurs.

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