Free chat on line with a icam on my phone

Or worst of all, after you’re the victim of a home break-in.Luckily, there are plenty of video surveillance options available, even if you’re on a budget or if you can’t mount high-tech cameras in your rented apartment.Learn how to use your XFINITY Home Touchscreen Controller to connect and install a Camera in your XFINITY Home - Secure system. The XFINITY Home app for mobile devices includes an easy-to-use wizard that will walk you through pairing and installing an x CAM Camera.What You'll Need Once you've assembled and connected your Camera, you can return to your Touchscreen Controller, and pick up where you left off in the Prepare and Test Your System section.If you want to stream multiple live videos instantly on your i Phone, i Cam is the app you must install.i Cam has a special feature of recording and playing back the motion events.if not then try to install a browser onto your phone and give it a try.It is possible but you cannot do it with your default browser, IE chrome or any of the other non-flash based browsers won’t work, if you do try this make sure you have a big screen on your smartphone as it will just be too small otherwise.

You can now view live video from the Camera from the Touchscreen Controller. Live Video Monitoring lets you create rules to automatically take pictures and video clips.You can also receive the notifications when the i Cam detects anything.To use this app, you will have to download i Cam Source software from or buy its mobile app.Access to the chat is free, and you don’t have to register, you can enter the chat room as a guest if you wish to do so.However, registration is free and means you can come back with your username and registered password, which will give you access to all rooms, as you can only access limited rooms with a guest account.

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