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That’s weird because to me I am home in Nigeria,” she says.

“I don’t have a personal identity conflict but I am aware of the different perceptions from the outside.” Oduye’s next role in the film, addresses relevant issues in the African diaspora: slavery and racism.

“What’s great about the conversations being had is that particularly with slavery it’s not something just for black people.

Hypnotherapy has long been used to change thought processes for a variety of issues. Call Ahead: 527-6151 MINI HAIR SALON WITH CHERYLCALL FOR DATE9 a.m. SPRING style from Cheryl Coltman, owner of Continuous Creations Salon. (free if you sign-up, pre-pay and attend both fitness classes. The Dementia Experience allows participants a deeper under-standing by executing exercises to mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer's and Dementia disorders. Cardillo was instrumental in having her community receive the very first designation for being a Dementia Friendly community in Western Mass. We will offer a luncheon break with sandwich and salad. Session two is a screening of “Alive Inside” a tremendous documentary about the power of music to bring back memories even to those with memory issues. Remember, he can’t repair it during the assessment, but he can let you know what may be needed or if it is possible to repair it. Come find out more about what the Men’s Group is all about. Exercise Program to begin in July depending on sign-up. ATTENTION: Part-Time Practitioners The ECOA Enrichment Center is looking for practitioners of Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Meditation, Acupressure and more. Will be available for Reflexology for hands and feet, a wonderful hands on support method for pain & stress alleviation. Cost is .00 for a 45-minute appointment, payable in advance.

In the sidebar, on the comment section, she’d responded to a user who asked if the can touched her spine. The sickness I felt watching the video transformed into morbid fascination after I clicked through to the woman’s profile.

There were hundreds more photos and videos: bellies sucked in with ribs outlined; bellies punched by fists or sticks; belts cinched horrifyingly tight; raw, blistered skin.

When personal habits or poor coping skills get in the way of progress in your life, this may be of great help to you. Men’s or ladies haircut and dry style for only .00, .00 for new clients. Downstairs Meeting room Our instructor, Janet Yelle displays her work in NYC at the Folders Convention each year! Discussion of the film to follow led by Beth Cardillo where you can add your own experiences and questions. Mark will have some limited variety of watch batteries available and can help with battery replacement at your appointment. Come see our newly rejuvenated upstairs AND downstairs areas. Enjoy Hawaiian-themed refreshments and food throughout the building! Man Menu: Shredded BBQ Chicken sliders, salad, beverages and HUGE strawberry short-cake. REPAIR CAFÉ INFORMATIONAL MEETINGThursday, June 29th at p.m. WHY get rid of perfectly good items you love when they might get repaired? If you are interested in participating in getting it started. We have a beautiful space available for reasonable hourly rental fee and/ OR service exchange for seniors. Please call 413-527-6151 to schedule yourappointment time. Reiki has been used for hundreds of years for pain management/support, anxiety, sleep issues and emotional traumas such as grief.

Please call 527-6151 for special 55 pricing (Easthampton Seniors priority) and to book your private appointment. Please call 527-6151 to schedule your advance appointment. TAI CHI WITH DAN: CALL FOR DATE/TIME An overview of what Tai Chi can do for you! Call 527-6151 to sign-up Classes will be offered depending upon interest! Samples of her work will be on display over the next month in our cabinet here at the Council on Aging. Informational Resources for Dementia, Adult Day Care and more will be available. Please call the Repair Clinic at 413-527-6151 to make your advance appointment. (prepare to tour to get your goodies.)Welcome the “GREY DIVAS” who will be singing for us beginning at p.m. Join super-stitcher, Kathie Nowill and learn the basics of knitting a top-down sock using a simple-to-follow pattern (provided). Contact Activity Coordinator, Kim Jensen at 527-6151 for further information and details. TRY this gentle therapy & see what it can do for you.

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