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Back at Karen’s apartment, we see Kate’s shallowness (focusing only on the clothing), and April’s realization that she can’t keep the truth about her pregnancy from Marc any longer.“Dads don’t tour,” he tells her, ecstatic about the baby on its way and excited about reuniting with his estranged ex.Nate also admitted to Annalise that he feels responsible for Wes’ death, since he left the house moments after running into him before the house fire.“He died because I left him there,” Nate said, filled with guilt.Meanwhile, there is plenty of dating drama amongst the DDP, when Tina and Rittany decide to enroll Selena and Mimi on a dating website and send them on blind dates. (*Come now, let’s not use adjectives that suggest raging heterosexuality, given Joss’ sexy, sapphic affair with Japanese bondage-rope afficionado Alex, or that time Karen and Vivian smoked a doobie and binge-watched ‘ Season 4 finale seems more interested in adorable babies, tear-jerking goodbyes and “Did I just partake in some Elizabeth Grey-style blackout drinking?!I do.” But, he added, “I’m always an optimist, and I do believe we will figure this out.” It’s long been speculated that the show would end with season eight; HBO signaled back in January that they were in talks with Weiss and Benioff for two more seasons.Fans might have expected that the two additional seasons would run the usual 10-episode-per-season stretch, but the executive producers say the shorter run will enable them to spend more time per episode.

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Yet another suspect was unveiled tonight on “How to Get Away With Murder” — none other than Connor (Jack Falahee).

| I fully expect that next June, the real Karen Kim (played by Yunjin Kim) will wake up in the middle of a magnificent orgy (research for her next memoir, of course) and we’ll realize her death was just a dream.

As it stands for now, though, we’ve seen her actual funeral — attended by still smokin’ hot Jacob and Karen’s former receptionist whose name I ought to remember.

Milauna Jackson) — and they ended up being successful.

Annalise demanded the state to launch a grand jury investigation into Atwood’s office, but when her request was denied, she enlisted Frank to do some dirty work and he ended up telling the judge in court that Atwood was sleeping with Nate, so the judge deemed their relationship inappropriate and required Atwood to turn over all of her calls and emails from the day Wes’ body was transferred, so she ends up getting suspended from the case.

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