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hi, I am using linq data source and Form View to allow users insert/edit their records on products.

I could then point a Grid View at it (by settings its Data Source ID property) to get a grid-like view of the Product content: Without having to-do anything else, I can run the page and have a listing of my Product data with built-in support for paging and sorting over the data.

I can make a change, the click update, but nothing happens. I thought that I could use the SQLData Source and forgo having to handle the Row Editing, Row Updating events, etc. Since you have a stored proc working for your select and a sql command working for your update, there might be an issue where that needs to be specified. I originally had a select and update sproc specified (both command types were listed).

I have no code in the code behind of the aspx file. When I click on the edit button, the selected row goes into edit mode. I have been able to do exactly what you are doing many times in the past, though I dont believe I had an On Updating event handler. I also see that while you have a Select Command Type specified, I dont see any update Command Type in there.

Also, you can see a bunch of HTML encoded stuff in the (line breaks by the looks of it) being rendered as can you clean up your sql to remove anything except spaces? I was using the On Updating event to troubleshoot a "too many arguments" passed to the sproc problem.

Another issue I'm seeing is my primary key (logentryid).

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