Guy dating dumped me

But when you boil it down, what my client really wanted to know is whether he should just throw in the towel. But now, a couple of weeks have passed and my client is starting to think about her all the time, wondering if what they had before can be salvaged.

The way he figured, if his girlfriend had called it quits with him due to some other guy, then the hell with her. This kind of thinking and this sort of reaction to a failed relationship, particularly when it involves your girlfriend dumping you for another man, can just tear right through you.

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You are wondering what the hell happened and why she would betray you.

Yes, Shira wanted kids , but not right that second!

Besides, she says she was too busy “dating a perpetual man-child.” According to Ashley Marie, a love and relationship coach, what Shira's ex really meant was: "I can't see your future fitting into my future, and I don't want to make the effort to see if we can make that work.” Ouch.

It is always a shock when your ex girlfriend tells you she wants to break up with you.

But when you find out that she left you for another guy, it can be shattering.

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