Harrison ford and calista flockhart dating

Famously laid-back, he wore jeans and she a sundress to their 2010 New Mexico wedding, and now, at ages 70 and 48, respectively, they are raising son Liam together.Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall Age Gap: 25 years Humphrey Bogart, 45, was on marriage No.Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart’s marriage has been under a lot of strain since the actor’s nearly fatal plane crash earlier this year, and now they are reportedly on the verge of a 4 Million divorce.Harrison has not been the same since his accident, which is to be expected.The trip comes just four years after Ford surprised Flockhart with a Valentine's Day proposal.

But Harrison didn’t respect Calista’s wishes – and according to the National Enquirer, he hopped in his helicopter on May 28 and took off.This Cancer Scorpio compatibility succeeds whether it involves a Cancer man and Scorpio woman or Scorpio man and Cancer woman.Cancer men and cancer women are both traditionalists in relationships and are able to fit classic gender roles in a way that appeases Scorpio.Scorpio women tend to be assertive and wield an almost masculine energy that can make them very aggressive.Consequently, they are often attracted to very strong men.

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