The 4,000 Macbook initiative is part of a four-year, .2 million contract between the school district and Apple by the 2017-18 school year will land either an individualized i Pad or a Macbook in the hands of every single Flagler County student from grade four and up, while every student from kindergarten through third grade will have access to individualized i Pads or Macbooks at school.

16, every student at Flagler Palm Coast High School and Matanzas High School will have the latest-generation Macbook Air, free, on what amounts to a permanent loan from the school district.

The district also plans to have an i Pad for every fifth and sixth grader this year and next, then broadening that to fourth through ninth grades the following year.“We’re on the right path, definitely want to push forward and have the policies ready for review as soon as possible, and have some public input on those.” Board member Colleen Conklin was very concerned about the immense additional workload on district technology staff, once thousands of additional computers and i Pads are in students’ hands.

FPC has its own student help desk already, making technical support built-in there.

Thanks to rumors circulated by an Australian women's magazine around Valentine's Day, world history can now record that there was a brief, shining moment in which we could envision Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating.

This was scary for some and incredible news for others.

Back then it was called Apple Link, a project commissioned by Apple Computer and a company called Quantum Computer Services to connect Apple II and Macintosh computers.

The beta test was dubbed “Samuel” and for Schober, a teenage fan of BBSes (bulletin board systems), it was an intriguing opportunity.


I talked with Joe Schober, the longest-running employee at AOL and its current chief architect.

Of course, by juggles, I mean quite literally-CAM: I have a scalpel.

I only – I bought it – ya know it's on a pile I'm waiting – No.

CAM: Your encouragement does not signify my authorization. And I’m from New York, which means that I will take New York action.

CAM: You tell people the story of what happened using the evidence these people provided and if you have any ability as a prosecutor, you’ll win the case.

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