How to avoid dating cheaters

As the internet is collectively exploding over the news that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson (so sad!), let's take a minute to talk about how to keep yourself out of such a sad, messy situation.

Time to to apply my personal methodology for dealing with a less serious, but still huge (to me) temptation: shopping.

I’m almost ashamed to admit it but I stayed in relationships I should have never started because I thought I could save them. As if I had failed “him” somehow, because I wasn’t even good enough, much less better.

They were hurt and I could treat them better than their previous lover because, let’s face it, I’m better than everyone. It never occurred to me that “he” might have been just a jerk to begin with.

Coincidentally, all the guys at this place knew and loved Ray, the mechanic I was buying it from, and stood around the open hood as if it was the office water cooler, regaling me with stories about Ray's kids and how that one time he let them borrow his air drill.

I left with zero idea what kind of shape the car was in, but since my regular mechanic couldn't see it for a few more days, and since I was scared I was going to lose it to someone else, I figured, what the hell.

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