Ideas updating old dresser

I love anything and everything having to do with typefaces.So it is no surprise to me that I have had my eye on this vintage typographer gift-wrap ever since Emily over at Jones Design Company posted about it as well as many other pretty papers she uses. Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield painted this foyer wall a serene sage green to highlight the lovely off-white Sunset mirror and an Asian-inspired console.For an extra touch of glamour, a vintage parlor chair was added.Use an 80-grit sanding block to rough up the surface of your dresser.

I needed 3 to cover the top of my dresser and the drawer pulls.This dresser makeover is an easy DIY project that uses paint and decorative cabinet hardware to make an old chest of drawers look better than new.For even more visual appeal, we’ll be using a stencil to paint a colorful pattern on top of the dresser and on the drawer liners.We have a lot of ideas for you here that will show you how to turn boring, old pieces into fabulous new creations with very little time and money. It’s cheap and best of all, it gives you lots of opportunities to redo it the way you want.To improve user experience this post divided into 10 furniture makeovers/page. Practically any piece of furniture can be restored if you know how.

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