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With as much imagination I could muster to answer this question because I have very little experience regarding INTP/ENTP relationships. Mesh well: - sure, INTPs and ENTPs are very similar in the way they think, but perhaps their principles are...

Is it a bad idea to date your identity? If you have ideas on how to repair this relationship with my ENTP those would be helpful. I'm pretty sure the "NT haphazard and bizarre" look is entirely the fault of the INTP male. Sorry guys.

Myers Briggs | ENTP vs INTP - Продолжительность: 11:55 MBTI Plus 5 002 просмотра. MBTI INTP Dating and Intimacy - Продолжительность: 6:13 Student Success Space 5 476 просмотров.

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Павел Кулешов писал(а): Вниманию публики предлагается книга "Обзор описаний типов ИЛИ и INTP" ENTP, поясните, пожалуйста, свою мысль - уж очень много оказывается тех, кто допускает эту, как Вы выразились, "классическую ошибку".
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