Is joe cheng dating ariel lin dating in england vs america

Hu Ge has announced that he will be taking an official sabbatical to study overseas, with his attendance at the awards his final entertainment event before setting off.Hu Ge’s sabbatical will be between 1 to 2 years long during which he will not be acting and won’t have any new acting projects coming up.

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It’s especially poignant and one of his most memorable costars Ariel Lin made the personal trek to Beijing to see him off at the awards show since she wasn’t presenting or getting an award.

Cheng began his career in the entertainment industry with Catwalk Modelling Agency.

He reportedly achieved success as a model within one year of signing.

Ariel and little cutie are equally important, but in terms of fur, and the head of little cutie had a tied bunch of “zong tian pao”, it is very obvious Ariel is the smaller one compared to little cutie. .....clearly they were REALLY TRYING TO COVER SOMETHING UP.....their answers VARIES...their ACTIONS NEVER CHANGES...waahhhhhhhh!!

A beautiful exterior and a charming smile, Joe has been labeled a ‘flower-like boy’.

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