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Other series coming to FOX next season include dramas Star, Pitch, APB, and Shots Fired.If you’ve ever traveled to LA, you know that nearly everyone you meet seems to be either an actor, singer, or model (or some combination thereof).There is an army of talented individuals out there, and LA seems to be the Mecca for it all.While many sadly give up on their dreams after years of defeat, singer Ivy Levan has proved that with passion, dedication, and a strong drive like hers, you can make it to the other side!

New York City experienced an incredible night of music on July 8, 2015 thanks to the talents of Marianas Trench and Ivy Levan.

Those right there are two major things worth celebrating.

“Spy is starring Melissa Mc Carthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham.

This chanteuse proved she’s a staggering talent beyond her image when she opened her mouth and sang an acoustic rendition of her song ‘Hot Damn’ at the Cherrytree House, which Pop Crush is thrilled to exclusively premiere. ” after listening to the 26-year-old’s lovely, rich vocals and after absorbing her vintage vibe.

Levan has got that old Hollywood dame image down pat, but she backs it up with her soulful voice.

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