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Sam Heughan is perfect as Jamie Fraser (just the right bit of good looks and ruggedness one might expect in Jamie).Caitriona Balfe also seemed like a good choice for Claire (beautiful yet strong enough to carry the role).Good morning everyone, After yesterday we felt that we needed to address the issue that happened on Twitter.First of all let me tell you this, we have never nor will we ever tolerate disrespect, hate or any form of shade towards us, towards the cast, towards other people commenting on this site or on Facebook.

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That race is also an option for Again and so is the Oaks on Friday week.In this case, I don't think people who are would be disappointed anyway as the screen writers did an excellent job of translating the 1st part of the book to the screen (I've only seen the 1st episode but I'm already hooked so I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest).I loved their choice of actors to take on the roles of Jamie, Claire, Frank and Dugan.We’ve had enough and since this is our website we are allowed to do so.The same applies if you reply to others with hateful messages or if you are hateful towards the actors.

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