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Hooking-up may not be meaningful to either of the people involved, or it could be for one of them.

Hooking-up is looked at as a casual relationship with “no strings attached.” Jeffrey Ambrose defines hooking up as: “A term used for essentially random, casual physical intimacy, “hooking up” includes anything from kissing to sex, between uncommitted “friends” or even strangers”(Ambrose, YEAR).

However, this term does not have a clear definition.

Hook-up is lingo that teenagers in the 21st Century use, meaning they want to hangout in a physical way, doing anything from kissing to sex.

This diverse cultural background has helped boast many celebrations and festivals that have become known around the world, such as the Brazilian Carnival and the Bumba Meu Boi.

The colourful culture creates an environment that makes Brazil a popular destination for many tourists each year, around over 1 million.

Frozen food products had been around, in some areas since the mid-1930s.

Ration laws also changed the perception of frozen foods.

Many grocers didn't even have the freezers to display the products, so they didn't buy the products from wholesalers.

Rationing regulations required that grocers display a poster showing the value in ration points of different foods.

Back in the 1950s dating habits were completely different than how they are now.

Guys would call a girl, pick her up with flowers and meet her parents.

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