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It's at least a question that could have been asked; it wasn't, though.The NASCAR media is, on the whole, a sharp group of people who are skilled at breaking news, writing commentaries and covering every aspect of the sport.Despite becoming a fan favourite on Dancing With The Stars, NASCAR champ Michael Waltrip was forced to make a permanent pit stop on the dancing competition show on Monday as the latest contestant to be eliminated.Although comedian Tommy Chong only scored a point better in his main dance, a paso double to Ring Of Fire while dressed as Johnny Cash, it was all the more remarkable given that he injured his calf in rehearsals - and then re-injured it during the dance itself.He began building a career by racing go-karts at carnivals and various racing clubs around his hometown.Sources reveal that racing sensation, 52 year old, Michael Waltrip, is happy for his wife “Buffy” whom he divorced in 2010.After their divorce, Margaret joined Waltrip’s elder daughter, Caitlin Marie Waltrip (from his previous relationship).

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Darrell, however, claimed he had no time to help him and advised that Michael focused on school.When Michael asked his dad for help, his dad ignored his requests.With none of his parental figures helping him, Michael built his racing career all by himself with influence & help from his older brother Bobby Waltrip, who was very close to him in childhood.in season 14, and previously competed with Bill Engvall, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Waltrip and Redfoo.Skarlatos made headlines after he helped to stop a gunman on a Paris-bound train in August, and appears on season 21 Mondays at 8 p.m.

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