Neil gaiman and amanda palmer dating

They had a few songs on my STUFF I REALLY LIKE i Pod playlist. But then she’d talk about Brian, the other half of the Dresden Dolls (Amanda played keyboards, Brian played mostly drums and sometimes guitar), and talk about their time on the road in the way someone talks about a bad marriage she’s glad she’s out of: they had been together all day and every day, and for 120 minutes of that time they had made the music that made her happy, and the rest of the time they drove each other crazy. Amanda appears on the balcony to watch the support band, the Legendary Pink Dots.

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this brings up huge issues that i find myself confronted with more and more as i settle deeper and deeper into my life as “amanda palmer: queen of the internet.” i don’t want to live to document my moments. here’s the story: neil and i got engaged two years ago, on new year’s day…the first day of 2010. according to neil – and i do remember this – i told him i’d marry him in bed the night he said: you’re drunk. with my voice) to my friend becca, aka becca darling, aka the beecharmer blog-keeper, aka melissa mahony in the “oasis” video. i said “you’re probably right.” and i think that’s when neil and i knew we were going to get married. it was a cold, clear snow-on-the-ground new england winter day, and after peeling ourselves out of bed, we walked down the slushy street to have brunch with my father jack, his wife donna, and my half-brother alex.

I’d been a lazy sort of Dresden Dolls fan before that.

I had their first two major label CDs (but didn’t even notice when they released No, Virginia, their third). Which explains why I am standing on the balcony at Irving Plaza at Hallowe’en, at the first gig of the Dresden Dolls reunion tour, watching two young ladies, wearing mostly glitter, hula-hooping in the dark with glowing hula-hoops,watched by an audience of clowns and zombies and mad hatters and such, and I don’t actually know where the Hallowe’en costumes end and the dressing up to see the Dresden Dolls begins.

What transpired was a cross between theater, a concert, comedy and an author talk, infused with their personal stories and idiosyncrasies.

Each took their turns in the spotlight -- Palmer on the piano, Gaiman at a podium.

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