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After 11 years together, Kathleen* and Scott are, in many ways, the envy of their friends."We can still spend 24 hours a day with each other and never get bored," says Kathleen, a 34-year-old teacher in New York City.

But most of us assume that, barring significant health or emotional issues, a good relationship has to have at least a little of it. She insists that while her marriage isn't perfect, it's happy, stable, loving, and fun—without sex.

I will die to myself every day and selflessly love my spouse more than anyone else.

I’ve already spent hundreds of hours preparing for my wedding day from the Mass to the dinner to the dance, but when the final guests retreat to their hotel rooms after a night of dancing, I will no longer be a bride. As Catholics, we know that a wedding is not just a big party.

"She said I was dooming myself to a sexless relationship." Unfazed, Natalie said the woman— who, incidentally, was 10 years into her own still-hot marriage—was missing the point.

True, after four years of cohabitation, sex had dwindled to a biannual-at-best event.

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