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Recorded in London, LA and New York, Too High To Riot features J. Cozz aka Cody Macc is back with his second offering.‘Nothin Personal’ is a free mixtape brought to you by Cozz & Tha Committee Records/Dreamville Records.The word is considered obscene, but is common in many informal and familiar situations.It is unclear whether the word has always been considered vulgar, or, if not, when it first came to be used to describe (often in an extremely angry, hostile or belligerent manner) unpleasant circumstances or people in an intentionally offensive way, such as in the term motherfucker, one of its more common usages in some parts of the English-speaking world.So maybe you’ve had a few dates with a potential love interest. But you’ve been here before with others in the past, and it hasn’t always worked out.You’ve swapped stories, moaned about work, admired each other’s music taste. So how do you know if there’s something there, if it’s worth sticking with them to see where it goes? Writer and self-help guru Mark Manson has proposed a pretty simple test for this: The Law of ‘Fuck Yes or No.’ In brief, you shouldn’t commit any time to someone unless they inspire you to say ‘Fuck Yes’ – and you’re inspiring them to say ‘Fuck Yes’ in return.They stigmatize us, keep us stuck in an old story, and perpetuate an idea that we are flawed or different. The truth is that most of us stumble along the way to sustained sobriety. Failure is temporary, and it's what the road to success is paved on. Thomas Edison failed - many times - at inventing the light bulb. The only thing to be scared of is not trying something in the first place.

Ari says the project sounds like, “Modern, relaxed, turned up soul.” Bas major label debut features his new single, “Methylone,” and “Night Job” featuring J. The sonic foundation of the album is produced by Ron Gilmore, Ogee Handz Dik C, Cedric Brown, Cam O’bi, Soundwavve, Subdaio, and The Hics. Just in time for Cole’s born day, Forest Hills Drive Live includes thirteen tracks recorded live from Cole’s sold-out show at Crown Coliseum in his hometown of Fayetteville, N. The show was also featured in his HBO documentary Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming. You don't need an online questionnaire to determine whether or not you qualify as an alcoholic or if you have a drinking problem. Some 90% of folks who struggle with alcohol (in the US) are not clinically addicted. - yoga teacher training, finally acting (and feeling) like a fucking grown up, happiness, energy, the youthful glow, an actual meditation practice, travel, healthy friendships, self-confidence - all of it. Everything you want - everything you sexy or sophisticated or adult. Drinking makes us ugly, kills our self-confidence, sucks our time/money/energy, ruins our health, works against every single goal we have for ourselves, and keeps us stuck and stunted. So few of us stop to examine our lives, and even fewer take action. The question you should be asking is whether or not drinking is getting in the way of your dreams - - and if so, how much longer you're willing to settle for that. We have an idea that we need to be falling down and lose everything to address our relationship with alcohol. If you're worried about your drinking, if it's causing shame or fear or keeping you from the life you're dreaming about, that's more than enough to begin. By just trying on sobriety or questioning our drink-centric culture, you are profoundly ahead of the pack. It's not about just cutting out the addiction or "just stopping". So let’s break down exactly what feeling ‘Fuck Yes’ really means. But it isn’t always that simple, and guys in particular sometimes have a hard time, dragged down by unrealistic expectations and sky-high standards.They don’t have to be the most beautiful creature you’ve ever laid eyes on, or be flawless, or even be better looking than your exes.

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