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I have problem with NSProgress. The problem is that NSProgressIndicator is not updating during the process and showing only a small completed portion at the end of process.

var style: NSProgressIndicator.Style. The style of the progress indicator (bar or spinning). A Boolean that indicates whether the progress indicator hides itself when it isn't animating.

This works great if I bind the properties to a label, but the NSProgressIndicator only updates if I open the menu before the connection is started, and don't close it again until the download is finished. But if I open it afterwards, the progress indicator doesn't update.

NSProgressIndicator. Authors. Gerrit van Dyk (gerritvd@decimax.com). Copyright: (C) 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contents -. Software documentation for the NSProgressIndicator class.

updating NSProgressIndicator in elCapitan. updating NSProgressIndicator doesn't work any more in el Capitan. Used to before. Did you also notice it ? Here is an example of my code.

NSProgressIndicator в NSMenuItem не обновляется на втором дисплее. У меня есть NSMenu, прикрепленный к NSStatusItem (приложение панели меню). При загрузке файла я хочу отобразить NSProgressIndicator в элементе этого меню.

Updating NSProgressIndicator. I have an application which uses an NSProgressIndicator. On a rare occasion, the progress indicator will not advance or draw properly unless I switch to another...

NSMenuItem custom view not updating. Subclass NSProgressIndicator. It seems that the progress bar's progress is not drawn in drawRect:, so just overriding drawRect: is not enough.

I have been battling to get NSProgressIndicator overlaid on my NSImageView programmatically. I didn't have a xib (nib) file for this so the challenge was all mine. Intuitive data analysis. TrafficCamNZ update for iPhone X.

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Home > cocoa > NSProgressIndicator not animating in layer-backed view. (A hit on Google suggested this might help with updating problems on layer-backed progress indicators.)

I want to use an NSProgressIndicator to show some progress. func applicationDidFinishLaunching(aNotification: NSNotification) {. let progressbar = NSProgressIndicator().
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